Intuitive Eating & Body Positivity with Terri Pugh

11. Interrupting the weekly schedule to share something with you

July 02, 2021 Terri Pugh Episode 11
Intuitive Eating & Body Positivity with Terri Pugh
11. Interrupting the weekly schedule to share something with you
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I'm interrupting the usual weekly posting to bring you this episode about weekly coaching. I have a brand new weekly coaching membership, Intuitively You, which brings you so much more than your slimming club or social media influencer can. 

  • Weekly coaching session based around Intuitive Eating & body positivity
  • Private online chat forum
  • Downloadables, resources, activities and reading after the sessions
  • Members referral programme
  • Discounts on courses
  • Anything else I feel like throwing in for free ;)

All this for just...... drum roll please....... £15 a month if you sign up before midnight 04/07/21 and only £20 a month after that.

Come and join me. I can't wait to see you there.

Go to for details and to sign up.

Remember, the founding member price is only available until midnight Sunday.

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I'm sorry, I'm going to interrupt your usual weekly episodes with this one just thrown in willynilly. There is a reason, though. It's because I'd like to talk to you about weekly coaching. So, you know, if you go to a slimming club, you sit in the group and you get talked to as a group by the consultant and you all sit around, and the talking consists mainly of chatter around how well you've done that week, how badly done that week, or how you are going to make food fit into their point system.


So you talk about how to get the most food into your points or the craziest rules that you can come up with as to what you can and can't eat. According to your points system, you know, things like you can have 20 low fat yoghurts a day. No brand names mentioned, obviously, but you can't have an avocado because it's fattening. And milk at the group I used to go to there was these bottles that used to sit on the table and they'd show you how much of each type of milk you can drink in a day.


But that's because the people who are heading up these sessions, these consultants, they're not educated in nutrition. They're educated in the programme that they're selling. They're not there to help you, they're there to take your money and watch the numbers on the scales drop. What about these other ones? So shake plans? Yeah, I think some of them do a group but the whole premise is you pay a lot of money to have milkshakes, snacks and "meals", and it's all about heavy restriction and reducing calories down to next to nothing.


It is a lose weight quick approach and you're paying through the nose for that, an extortionate amount, and again, these consultants, they're not educated in nutrition. They're not educated in the effects that it has on your body. They're educated in the plan that they're selling and that's not tailored to you. They say it is because they count the amount of calories or whatever that you're allowed to eat according to your current weight, but nothing else is tailored to you and your circumstances and your body.


Or if you don't go to these clubs or you don't subscribe to these clubs, maybe you follow influencers on social media. They're going to sell you low carb, low fat, low sugar, low joy, and they're just famous people making a quick buck. They are not educated in nutrition. They do not know the impact that that's going to have on your body. They will sell you the latest tea or skinny jabs or whatever else the fad of the moment is.


But they're not there to give you an education, they're there to sell to you, and even if you don't spend your actual money on these things, you're still following accounts that are not educating you properly. They are not in the know those celebrities, those people that are selling these diets, even if they're not celebs, they think that they know what they're talking about, and just because they've had a good experience with something, they think everybody should do it. But they don't see the damage that they're doing in selling that to other people.


So I would like to offer you a better way. I am offering you Intuitively You. It is my new membership. It is a weekly group coaching session, online once a week, (because that's what weekly is right?) Where we do small session coaching. So just a handful of people in each one. So it's nice and personal. There will be a theme each week but just because I come to the group with the theme for you, if there's something else the group wants to discuss or go into more depth about, then we can do that. So it's totally flexible as to what we talk about each week.


There will be follow up resources, downloads, printables, things for you to read, things for you to do, activities that you can do in your own personal time to help you work through and improve your relationship with food and your body. A private chat forum online, totally private to members only, where you can find people who are going through the same things, support each other, chat with each other, talk about the topics, figure things out in a safe space which is not open to the public. And it's just somewhere for you to share your thoughts or get support of other people.


You can access it 24 hours a day, seven days a week on whatever device you like, and I'll be on hand through the week outside of the group sessions just to kind of chip in when you need me and support you when you need me. I'll be giving you discounts on future courses that I release, and members get a referral scheme, so for every person that you introduce that pays, for each month that they pay I will give you five percent of their membership back in cash to you.


There will be other stuff that I think of along the way that I will just throw in for you. I don't know what these things are yet. I'll come up with those as time goes on, I'm sure. But yeah. Anything else I think, "oh, you, you guys might enjoy this" then I can throw it your way.


And all of this is just...... drum roll please......... £15 a month. That is the founding member offer that is open to you until midnight on Sunday, the 4th of July 2021.


After that, it goes up and it will be £20 a month, but if you listen to this before Sunday, the 4th of July, get on it, get the £15 offer. After that is only £20 a month.


That's less than your slimming club. That's less than those shakes. £20 for a group coaching session, personal group coaching, where you can ask all the questions you want without feeling daft, without having to shout it across a village hall to ask the consultant.


Tailored resources and information given to you after each session, not just a "see you next week". I'm going to give you things that will help you through the week.


Given to you by somebody educated as well. I have multiple nutrition qualifications. I'm a certified Intuitive Eating counsellor. I was trained by the creators of the Intuitive Eating programme.


And I care about you, not the money. I'm doing this because I want to help people get off that dieting roundabout. I want people to do what I've done and find a better place with food and find a better place with their bodies.


So are you joining me? If you join now, you can get on the group coaching session this Monday.


The link is in the show notes below, or you can just go to It's in the show notes. Just scroll down and click the link.


Come and join a supportive community. I cannot wait to see you there.


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